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Writing is a journey of exploration, learning and discovery of the environment, places, living and non a living things,etc. and transformed them into words. Writer describe in a such a a soulful manner that touches the readers heart. The more common approach is direct writing where the aims is not to get right words but avoid missing track.

The writer chooses to use a words that are as normal and natural as possible. Fictional writer uses a words based on imagination or facts. While nonfiction writer rely on facts.

As you know that you will get paid by the amount of work you will do. e.g The salesman are paise by the number of sales, the teacher paid by the number of students she/he teaches, similarly The Writer are paid by the number of words he/she writes. You all are aware of that writers are excellent with words and smart enough to word count as well.

Essay writing, short story writing, etc. competition has word limit. Even the world's shortest story writing competition has an fabulous stories are no longer than 55 words. Authors also seems to understand that essay,novels, articles and papers should have a minimum number of words. As you see around most of the people seems to become Writer/Author. Once they become author no doubt in that they will get name, fame, celebrity status, etc from society.

plays an important role in teaching and also in one's life. It is just about observing the surrounding and pouring the soulful words on the paper, without disregard of grammar, punctuation, sentence structure/formation. You also have hear about word count from authors latest novel and even word limit in school examination papers, magazines, newspaper, articles, etc have the individual word count limit.

In the absence of computers word counting is a challenging task/job for writers. But today's availability of computers and digitalization process have made the word count process quite easy for writers. Word count application in the computer programming are great utility for authors/writers. In case if you want to find the word in a particular article just type that word in a search box in MS Word and in a next second you will see high lighted words in whole article.

In case if you want to count the word than just copy paste the whole article on the word count web browser and press the button you will see the total number of words written in that particular article.


The online "http://www.wordscounter.tools" will count the number of words and character in an article apart from this feature it also have some best features i.e online editor will help you to improve word choice, sentence structure/formation, grammar and also help to check the plagiarism content. To check the word count firstly you can simple copy the article or passage from any other applications and paste on word count website as given above and as you click on count button it will show the result i.e number of words . The second way is you can type on word counter website, as you type or delete the words and letter it will show increase or decrease of word as you type in the box.

Word count is an important because Author has to write minimum or maximum words as per articles, novels, report, story, magazines article, etc., So word counter will make sure that you will write within your word limit. In addition to these it also shows you the top 10 keywords which you are using will writing particular article, in order to this it will prevent you from using/writing that keyword on repeat mood and it also shows you the best and suitable combination of words instead of that repeat mood keyword.

In a overview you can also see the speaking and reading time of your text. Reading level is an indicator that shows the time required for readers/listeners to understand the words you are using in a particular article.


The word counter is one of the best and flexible web for writers/authors. It make thier task easy, effective and less time consuming. Apart from authors it is also useful for teachers, students, blogger in short word counter is beneficial to literature world.